Research & Training

Research & Training

The basic principles of research and training at CCSC are creativity, flexibility, and collaboration. The research program of the CCSC is a single entity, but it is organized around small research groups, each of which represents an area of specialization solving the challenging scientific and technical problems erupting regularly in the related field of Cyber Security and Cryptology viz.

  • Foundation courses on Algebra, Number Theory, Discrete mathematics and Coding theory.
  • Foundation courses on Cryptology: Symmetric Key and Asymmetric key cryptology.
  • Foundation courses on Hash code and Authentication, Cryptographic Protocols
  • Basics of Machine learning and Data Analysis
  • Cyber Security of Critical Infrastructure.
  • Cryptography for Cloud and Grids.
  • Security of Cyber Physical Systems
  • Quantum computing and Cryptology.
  • Security Audit and Policies
  • Network Security and Threat Analysis

Depending upon the requirement and Global innovation, new emerging topics are explored and
included as per current need. The long term objective of the CCSC is to collaborate with
industries and government agencies towards innovation and attain global recognition.

Research Area

The faculty associated with the center will carry out state-of-art research in the area of

  • Network Security and Threat Analysis
  • Security of Critical Infrastructure, Cloud and Grids
  • Security of Cyber Physical Systems
  • Digital Signature and Financial cryptology
  • Quantum-Resistant Cryptography
  • Development Blockchain technology and Crypto Currencies
  • AI and ML based Framework for cyber threat Intelligence.
  • Lightweight and Ultralight weight Cryptography for resource constrained devices.
  • Security Audit and Policies
  • Network Security and Threat Analysis

The faculty will also provide supervision to the Ph.D. scholar, M. Tech and B. Tech projects.

The CCSC will focus on getting govt./ industry funded projects and consultancy to be
implemented in the CCSC.